Prizefighter at home now open! Cocktails, beer, Wine and spirits available to-go. Click on the "shop" link above to get started. We'll see you all soon!

Prizefighter est. 2011

6702 Hollis St. Emeryville CA 94607

Covid Hours for Pick-Up

Tues-Fri 3-7pm

Sat Noon-4pm




$7 Manhattan - Bourbon, Italian Vermouth, Bitters 

$7 Joan Collins - Vodka, Lemon, Raspberry, Soda 


Beer & Wine

 $7 Sangria Portugues,- Rose, Port Shrub, Lemon

$7 Michelada y Copita - Copita of Vida Mezcal and a small spicy/tomato Michelada

$5 Draft Pilsner/Lager - Please check the board for the brewery 



Prizefighter is an attempt to gently nudge the bar industry and the drinking public in the direction we think it should be going. We asked ourselves:

  • Can we put out world class cocktails in a casual and fun environment?

  • Can we remove all the pomp and circumstance surrounding cocktails and cocktail culture and get back to what great drinks really are? (superior: craft, technique and ingredients)

  • Can we incorporate a modern and dynamic beer program into a cocktail environment without dumbing down either?

  • Can we act as a barrier between our customers and the marketing hype to serve our patrons only high quality products we understand and believe in?

  • Can we create a bar program using only all natural sweeteners and juice we squeeze ourselves?

  • Can we find a small, dedicated staff that shares our values to tend the bar as we would/do?

  • Can we do all these things in a timely and friendly manner seven nights a week?

  • We've put our more than 30 years of combined bar/restaurant experience to the test and believe we can now answer all these questions with a resounding "Yes!" Please come by and see for yourself.


Jon, Dylan and Polly


Looking to have a get together at Prizefighter? We're happy to reserve you one of our inside tables for your event, every day of the week except Fridays, at no cost. We reserve ONE table per party. Please fill out the form at least 2 days in advance and we'll get back to you within 48 hours.

6702 Hollis St. Emeryville CA 94607



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